Red Light Therapy Summarize

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light that helps mitochondria work more efficiently, such as repairing skin, boosting new cell growth, and enhancing skin rejuvenation. For this reason it is commonly used in medical and spa settings.

Red light therapy is suggested to help the skin by:

  • Stimulating collagen production.
  • Increasing fibroblast production, which makes collagen.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Reducing inflammation in cells.


Health Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

1. Cardiovascular Benefits

2. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

3. Peripheral Arterial Disease

4. Metabolic Benefits

5. Low Back Pain

6. Chronic Pain

7. Fibromyalgia

8. Postoperative Pain in Orthopedic Surgery

9. Cognitive Function

10. Traumatic Brain Injury

11. Dementia