Our Story

The concept of Float District, a wellness destination, was the natural evolution of founders who have spent over 18 years in the alternative wellness space with a passion for helping people feel better.

The benefits of float therapy have seen a massive resurgence in popularity. Float therapy has existed commercially since the late 1960s, and over the last few years, as consumers have come to realize, there are many alternatives to medications to “feel better.” Float District places many alternative therapies under one roof and, through our unique membership program, makes those therapies affordable.


Float District offers a variety of scientifically proven wellness services. Our Float Therapy takes place in Wave Float Rooms. The newly developed- first of its kind – Halo Therapy combines dry, aerosolized salt, paired with an infrared sauna. Our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna from Sunlighten® delivers industry-leading results. Cold Plunge (Cold Water Therapy)

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