Cyber Monday Deals

The best deals we’ve ever had!
$39.00 for 60min Float
$20.00 for 45min IR Salt Sauna
$20.00 for 45min IR Full Spectrum Sauna
$10.00 for 30min (Room Time) Cold Plunge
$10.00 for Full body Red Light Therapy Table
$20.00 for a 45min Revibe therapy waterbed
$20.00 for a 45min Vibroacoustic therapy waterbed
All services have a limit of 4x each

Gift Card Deals

What a Perfect Gift!

By $100.00 get $25.00 Free

By $200.00 get $50.00 Free

By $300.00 get $75.00 Free

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Referral Program

Want free services? Sign up for our referral program. Every 4th person you refer and they come in with your name or personal ID- NUMBER that we create for you, you will receive a free service of your choice and they get 50% off their first time at Float District. It’s that easy just by telling a friend, family member or a stranger on the street to come try out our amazing services. You can’t beat free services!


35% off all Packages.

1. 3Pack Float Session
3x 60min Floats
Limit 1 per customer $165.00

2. Full Tour Package
Save and try each service we offer for one low price.
1-60 Min Float therapy
1-45 Min FSIR Full Spectrum Sauna
1-45 Min Halo IR Sauna
1-30 Min Cold Plunge
1-45 Min Revibe Session
1-45 Min Vibroacoustic Therapy
1-20 Min Red Light Therapy (Full Body)
Limit 1 per customer $200.00

3. Mini Tour Package
1- 15min Revibe OR Vibroacoustic Therapy session
1- 60min Float Therapy session
1- 45min Full Spectrum IR Sauna session
Limit 1 per customer $95.00

Call or come in to customize a package.

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La Vista , NE 68138

Veterans and Active Military.

$25.00 services!!! Every Friday

Float District wants to honor our Veterans and active military.

On every Friday of every month Veterans and active military men and woman can book any service we offer for only $25.00! Including Legal Spouses.

Credentials required