We live in a world today where everything is INSTANT, and we are so plugged in to communications that our brains (and bodies) are coping with stress in ways prior generations never did.

Stress is driving an exponential increase in people being diagnosed and treated for a multitude of disorders like: Anxiety; Depression; PTS. Along with other less well-known disorders like Prolonged Grief; Complex PTS; Adjustment; Reactive Attachment and Disinhibited Social Engagement.

Stress is always with us and we all have our own ways of coping with stress. At Float District, we offer a combination of services through our Jump Start program specifically to help our clients better cope with stress and its associated disorders.

Float Therapy is at the core of most packages, but our other services ALL support stress reduction and improvement in wellbeing and mindfulness.

There is some great science going on in the Float Therapy space so if you really like a deep dive into better understanding this service and its benefits, take a look:

Recent Float Therapy Study Results

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Symptoms of Stress