Struggling with a hard to treat skin condition?

Did you know stress is a major contributor to several skin conditions?

Our skin is the bodies biggest organ. Taking care of the health of our skin should be a routine part of our personal welness routines.

Float District, A Wellness Destination is here to help. Through our Jump Start program we will build a customized wellness program designed to help you see measurable improvement in your skin in a few short weeks.

Are you struggling with a diagnosis like: Eczema; Seborrhea; Psoriasis; Urticaria; Lichen Planus; Pityriasis Versicolor; Vitiligo; Rosacea; or Acne? While our name may sound like we are a float therapy center, we are far more than that. We are a true multi-modality wellness center on a mission to help people who are looking for alternatives to treat conditions they are struggling with. Perhaps you want to avoid or reduce some of the medications you are currently using to control your condition or maybe you are looking to improve the results you are getting with your current treatments. Our combination of therapies used in our Jump Start are specifically customized to help you with your goals. To learn more about Jump Start simply click Jump Start for more information and to schedule your free consultation.