Mini Tour Package
1- 15min Revibe session
1- 60min Float Therapy session
1- 45min Full Spectrum IR Sauna session
Limit 1 per customer
Cold Plunge Package 6x
Total room time is 15min and 2-5min in the water intervals. 6x (La Vista Location Only)
Limit 1 per customer

3Pack Float Session $159.00

Guides user through float therapy with an intro 30 minute session to get the feel of floating then subsequent longer sessions with a 60min, 90min session to really understand float therapy benefits.
1 per-customer
Full Tour Package
Save and try each service we offer for one low price.
1-60 Min Float therapy
1-45 Min FSIR Full Spectrum Sauna
1-45 Min Halo IR Sauna
1-15 Min Cold Plunge
1-45 Min Revibe Session
1-45 Min Vibroacoustic
Limit 1 per customer
Hot and Cold Therapy Package
1x 45min Full Spectrum IR Sauna
1x 45 min Halo (Salt) IR Sauna
2x 15min Plunge (Full Room time is 15min) 2-5min intervals in water at a time.
Limit 1 per customer
Halo (Salt) IR Sauna & Full Spectrum IR Sauna
6x 45min IR Sauna session
Limit 1 per customer
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