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Full Spectrum IR Sauna & IR Salt Sauna 5x each $130.00

5x 45min Detox Sessions & 5x IR Salt Sauna

total of 10x sessions combine

Limit 1 per customer


FSIR Sauna & Halo IR unlimited for 30 days $180.00

PACKAGE EXPIRES 30 days after the first session.

Limit 1 per-customer

Full Tour Package Save and try each service we offer for one low price.
1-60 Min Float therapy
1-45 Min FSIR Full Spectrum Sauna
1-45 Min Halo IR Sauna
1-45 Min Revibe Session
1-45 Min Vibroacoustic

Limit 1 per customer


Mini Tour Package

1- 15min Revibe session
1- 60min Float Therapy session
1- Full Spectrum IR Sauna session

$75.00 Limit 1 per customer


4 Pack Float Therapy Sessions
Guides user through float therapy with an intro 30 minute session to get the feel of floating then subsequent longer sessions with a 60, 90 and 120 minute session to really understand float therapy benefits. Save over 50%
$200.00 Limit 1 per customer

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